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Nice semi-solid ointment or oil that can be customized to your needs. All salves and oils are made with olive oil and beeswax.


Some of the in stock salves and oils that are available immediately are Gout Salve (birch bark, club moss, meadowsweet, buckthorn bark, wintergreen oil), Antibacterial Salve (calendula, comfrey, myrrh, goldenseal, lavender oil), Lavender Sunburn Oil (lavender flowers, lavender oil, grapeseed oil), Boo-Boo Oil (calendula, elderflower, comfrey, lavender), and Bye Bye Vein Oil (butcher's broom, horse chestnut, white oak bark, bilberry, cypress oil, orange oil, melissa oil).


Please specify which product you would like to purchase in the custom text.

  • Directions and use

    Many of my salves and oils are to be used as needed, such as the Antibacterial Salve, Boo-Boo Oil and the Lavender Sunburn Oil. The Gout Salve and Bye Bye Vein are to be used daily to gain the desired effects. 

    These oils and salves are safe for all ages, but please do keep out of reach of children for their safety.  Please also keep away from direct sunlight as it may decrease the potency.  For external use only and discontinue is skin irriations occur.

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2.5 Ounces
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