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About Amanda

Wellness Before Flying

Just a little about me. I'm Amanda, the one and only Fly Girl. I started out my adult life by getting a Meteorology and Environmental Science degree and became a Flight Attendant after college.  I've been flying since 2008 and substitute teaching since 2017. In all that time, I have loved the idea of making my life healthier and happier, and continuing to grow my knowledge of the world around me.  So I decided to expand my knowledge base and get my Master Herbalist degree in 2020. Now my hopes are to grow in this new life path and hopefully help as many people as I can, to lead a healthier existence.

Being an herbalist, I cannot diagnose any conditions and will refer clients to seek their medical doctors advice for any conditions with concerns. I am happy to help assist people in feeling better, manage concerns and better their lives in a more herbal and holistic manner.

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