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Tinctures are an oral herbal preperation that uses an alcohol extraction to created the highest potency. Can be modifidy with a different extaction if alcohol isn't an option for you.


Current products that are in stock and available immediately are Allergy Relief (eyebright, nettle, goldenrod, burdock root, blessed thistle, bitter orange peel), Bladder Toner (hydrangea, agrimony, golden rod, burdock root, horsetail), Sleeptime Tonic (chamomile, skullcap, black cohosh, wood belong, nettle), and Guard's Up (echinacea) tincture. All in stock product are extracted in alcohol and therefore are not recommended for children or those with adversions to alcohol products.


Please keep out of reach of children and store in safe location. Use only as directed and if allergy or complications arise, discontinue use immediate.

  • Directions and use

    Allergy Relief is best used just before allergy season when taking 1 dropperful once daily.  Can take 3 times daily during allergy attack.

    Bladder Toner should  be taken as 1 dropperful 3 times a day for 4-6 weeks.

    Sleepytime Tonic may help to releave insomnia when taking 1 dropperful 3 times a day for 8-12 weeks.

    Guard's Up Tincture is a high potency Echinacea and alcohol mixed that can be used prior to exposure to germs by taking 5 drops under tongue. After first signs of cold symptoms, take 5 drops under tongue 3 times a day for 2 days.

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2 Ounces
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