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Spice Up Your Life...... again!

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Yup, I said it, but not for the reasons that you might be thinking. Although we can touch of that subject later on. I'm talking about real spices, like for your food!

I finished reading this amazing book by Rosalee De La Foret called Alchemy Of Herbs. The main jest is that we, in western society and really present day, have gotten too far away from actually using spices in our meals and food. While countries in Asia are still known for spicing up all of their dishes, in America have become very bland and boring. But what better way to get herbs into our diets and health routine, then through our food.

Herbal medicine is just like it sounds, using herbs to heal. "Let food be thy medicine" - Hippocrates. If it has been common practice since 400BC and even long before that, then why have we stopped making this common place in our households now? Herbs are

amazing and I am willing to bet that most everyone has a good number of the ones Rosalee talks about, in their spice cabinets right now. Like nutmeg, which tastes amazing but is also a antispasmodic, antimicrobial and an aphrodisiac. Or parsley, which can help with urinary tracts infections and kidney stones, as well as heart disease. Or my favorite spice of all time, ROSEMARY! I grow rosemary year round. There is a plant in my home that I can work off of during the colder winter months, and there are at least 3 plants in my garden outside to produce larger quantities so I can dry and restock my cupboard. Not only does is taste amazing, but it also can help with mental stimulation, colds/flus, fungal infections and as a skin protection.

We use these herbs, and almost all of the herbs mentioned in the book, daily. So what's the problem? We aren't using enough. A dash of something here or a sprinkle of something there is not even close to the amount that is needed to start having the positive effects that we want. We should be way more heavy handed when spicing up dishes. For me.... that is not an issue with rosemary or black pepper, but there are others that just aren't in my palette. After ready Alchemy of Herbs and all of the recipes she has for the 29 common kitchen herbs she lists, I will absolutely be throwing herbs around like fairy dust from Tinker Bell. Maybe without the tiny leaf dress and pompom shoes!

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1 Comment

Kettia Wilson
Kettia Wilson
Dec 21, 2022

Well said. I have started including so many random herbs to my cooking to add flavor but I am also curious about the effects on my body. I tend to do a little bit of research into each herb to understand the benefit. Herbs are healers and we need to allow the support of healing at all times.

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