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Great ways to detox your mind and body

Updated: May 19, 2021

In this new world and era, we spend so much time working, thinking, and doing everything for others, and very little for ourselves. Our lives are running as if we are on the Autobahn. But we aren't fast racing sports cars, we are still human beings. A living organism that needs to be cared for, nourished, and cleaned out every once in awhile. Detoxing our bodies and minds is vital for keeping ourselves healthy and grounded to the world around us.

I know that every time I turn on the radio or television, there is always a commercial talking about detox juice cleanses or teas. The quick and easy way to detox and maybe even lose pounds. Now that may be true in some sense, but I promise there is no "magic" pill or juice that is going to hit the reset switch in your system and you'll be instantly healthy again. I wish that was true, I would be the first one on that bandwagon in a New York second. And I have been guilty of trying over the counter pills that claim to help clean me out. Now I'll be honest, they did do something. Usually made me have to use the bathroom in an untimely manner, passing gas when I know I can't blame it on the dog, or sweating ten times more than I normally do when I'm working out. None of these were bad things, just embarrassing. But I never got the results that I truly wanted. I may have lost a pound or two, but I promise it was mostly water weight from living in the restroom.

There are detox methods that will work but it is a long road. That road is so worth the journey. In the long run, detoxing your body in a healthy manner is better on your system, and rewarding just the same. I have started a detox loose leaf tea that I drink nightly. It has raspberry leaves in it so the taste is good, and there is never anything wrong with a cup of tea. It does make me have to use the restroom first thing in the morning. This tea is a much more gentle manner since I don't want to put my body into shock. Now there are herbal teas or capsules of herbs that can be a little more aggressive, if that is an appropriate method that is needed. But please think about your internal system and know that slow and steady wins the race.

My favorite new method of detoxing is working on cleaning out my mind and thoughts. I have a full life with flying days on end and teaching every day of the week at school, and my mind can feel foggy and cloudy all the time. I have to take a step away and reset my brain. I have started doing this daily, mediating any chance I get. It sounds magical when I write it out, but I am definitively not perfect or a monk. I try to, at least once a day, spend five minutes in silence with my eyes closed, thinking about NOTHING! That's right, I think about nothing. Easier said than done, my mind, just like everyone else's, has a tendency to wander off and think about the groceries that I need to buy, or the projects around my house that absolutely need to be completed. But I have found out the hard way that if I don't take this time, I burn out and shut down. I would fall asleep on the couch after work, or have no motivation to workout or clean or do anything that needs to get done. Then everything piles up and I'll burn myself out having to rush to finish all those projects before the house falls down. There are some great and free apps for your phone or tablet that can guide you through learning how to meditate. I still use these years later, because I am still learning in my journey and know that sometimes I really need to be guided along.

In the end, remember that this body is the only one that you get, and treating it with the utmost respect should be everyone's #1 focus.

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